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Blog (2014)

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23/12/2014: Martin and David led a principals’ rehearsal at Up Holland Library. It was an extended and good session; special thanks to Angela for coming along and reading in as Vera.

18/12/2014: Heather hosted a principals’ rehearsal which was led by David. Scenes from Act 1 and 2 were worked on.

17/12/2014: This was the last regular session before Christmas. David worked closely with Paul and Jake on scenes their characters are involved in. Thanks to Jenny and Sharon for reading in.

11/12/2014: Heather hosted a principals’ rehearsal which was led by David. Some scenes from Act 2 were worked on.

10/12/2014: It was Martin’s birthday so we had a shorter session before heading to the Pizza Hut for a very enjoyable meal.

03/12/2014: The session focused on scenes from Act 1 including the quiz.

26/11/2014: The session focused on scenes from Act 2.

20/11/2014: Martin and David led a principals’ rehearsal which focused on the quiz show and the 2 scenes which follow. Thanks again to Wendy and Dave for their hospitality.

19/11/2014: Martin led the rehearsal, which went well, but the big news is that the provisional dates for the performances of Wheeler Fortune were announced  We have a lot of hard work ahead of us :) - more details will follow shortly.

13/11/2014: Martin and David led the second rehearsal for principals; thanks to Wendy and Dave for hosting a very successful session where a number of scenes from both acts were played out.

12/11/2014: Martin led the session which was a full read through of ‘Wheeler Fortune’ before a general discussion took place; as usual, we headed to the Brocket afterwards for a bite to eat and a chance to get to know each other better. We welcomed a new member, Angela, whom we are very happy to have ‘on board’.

06/11/2014: Martin led the first principals rehearsal for Wheeler Fortune at Sharon’s studio. Thanks to Wendy, Heather and Jake for their efforts as they worked on a number of scenes from Act 1.

05/11/2014: There was no session but instead a small group of members attended the (incredibly popular) firework display at the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn on a cold but clear evening. We all enjoyed a ‘chippy supper’ afterwards!

29/10/2014: Martin and Sharon led the session, which was focused on character work. Attendees were asked to complete a questionnaire (as their character in the play) and then a number of them were brave enough to sit in the ‘hot seat’ whilst the rest of us fired questions at them!

22/10/2014: The ‘Wheeler Fortune’ auditions. Thanks to everyone who decided to audition and special thanks to Louise Fazackerley and John Clinton for agreeing to be on the panel along with Martin and David. There were a number of excellent performances which meant some difficult decisions had to be made!