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Coming Soon

Bravo's next production of 2017 will be:

BLOOD BROTHERS (the play) by Willy Russell

This production will be performed on the following dates:

June 22nd (7:30pm), 23rd (7:30pm), 24th (2pm and 7:30pm) at the Old Courts, Wigan

June 30th and July 1st (8pm) at St Peter's Pavilion, Hindley

Tickets are now on sale via the Box Office page

or by clicking the poster opposite.

Here is the confirmed cast:

Mrs Johnston: Deb Judic

Mrs Lyons: Khanom Deborah

Eddie: Leo Burke

Mickey: Josh Gwynne

Linda: Amy Stout

Narrator: Carla Gwynne

Ensemble:      Emma Morris, Garry McMahon,

Katie Atkinson


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