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Bravo Theatre Company is absolutely delighted to confirm the details of its next production, a brand new murder mystery event written by Saime Higson and based around the theme of a well known TV dancing programme!

Title: Dangerous Sequins of Events

Venue: St Peter's Pavilion, Hindley

Dates: Friday November 23rd, Saturday November 24th, 2018

Time: 7:30pm prompt

Tickets are £12 each. Please click the Red ‘Tickets Now On Sale’ to guarantee your place(s)! The meal which is served to guests and cast/crew in the interval: hot pot with red cabbage and beetroot or vegetable lasagne (prepared on site)

Here is the full cast:

Harriet Reed-goodehall: Tina Dayton

Gemma Anderson: Clara Winkler

David Swift: Anton Dubois

Saime Higson: Lilia Kopylodova

Chris Sherburn: Bruno Tombola

Yvonne Curwen: Eileen Philbert

Dan Greenwood: Brandon Collins

Emma Morris: Estelle Lorde

Heather Louise Sharpe: Louise Canon

Emily Carter: Raquel Laurel

Michelle Parker: Inspector Jane Fox

Please note that each event is limited to a maximum of 120 guests. The Pavilion also has a licensed bar. For the purposes of catering, all orders including meal selections must be placed by Tuesday November the 20th. If you wish to book tickets after that point or just pay on the door, we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient food; however you will be able to pay £10 for a ticket without food on the door.

You can read more about this on the official Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/247877162676411/); you'll be hearing a lot more about this and its participants in due course. Hope you can make it!

Best wishes, Bravo Theatre Company.

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