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Harriet Reed-goodehall: Tina Dayton

Harriet was born in Salford. Her first foray into entertainment was “Salford Youth Choir” which performed all over Manchester. Harriet was chosen as their first solo singer to appear at the Lowry. The choir also recorded an album called “Adeamus”.

She and her family moved to Anglesey in 2001 and she joined a dance group performing all over the island. She also had her first professional singing job at a traditional Welsh Eisteddfod. In addition, she gained a significant amount of work experience at “Theatre Gwynedd” as part of their regular back stage crew.

Harriet moved back to Salford in 2005 and she studied performing arts at Salford college. This gave her plenty of opportunities to perform in a whole variety of shows, musicals, pantomimes and darker drama. During her time at college, she and her brother and auditioned for roles on Coronation Street and were shortlisted.

Since leaving college, she worked behind the scenes as a clapper loader on the drama “New Street Law", where she met many amazing actors and was lucky enough to spend time with them developing her own skills.


Her dream to be an actress has taken a back seat for the last 10 years as she has been working hard at her first job of being a mum! However it is now time for her to resurrect her acting career. This will be her first performance for Bravo Theatre Company.

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