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Karl Hendryk

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Anya Hendryk

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Steve O'Keefe

Helen Rollander

Sir William Rollander

Inspector Ogden

“Verdict” by Agatha Christie (director: Sheri Jones)

Bravo Theatre Company and Woollywood Theatre Company collaborated to prepare, produce and present this play. It was performed at the Casa Bar (Liverpool), West Kirby Arts Centre and the Studio (Widnes) in late September and early October, 2019.

Here is the full cast:


This is how the famous storyteller herself described Verdict: "It satisfied me completely. I still think it is the best play I have written, with the exception of Witness for the Prosecution." For your interest, here is the synopsis:

Karl Hendryk is a brilliant professor who, with his wife and her cousin, has fled persecution in his homeland and finds himself ensconced in England. The play concerns itself with the relationships the professor has with the women in his life. His wife, Anya, who is suffering from a progressively debilitating disease, her cousin and carer, Lisa, and Helen Rollander, a spoiled student who takes up private lessons with the professor.

Rehearsal and production photos - please click to view larger images.

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