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Gemma Anderson: Clara Winkler

This is Gemma's FIFTH production with Bravo.

Firstly, she delivered an hilarious portrayal of a squatter in the world premiere of "Wheeler Fortune". She followed that up with the seminal role of Cecily Cardew in Oscar Wilde's "The Importance Of Being Earnest".

Thirdly, she made us all laugh as Moppet in the modern murder mystery spoof, "Curtain Up On Murder" and lastly, she excelled as Maria in "Twelfth Night", which was incidentally her own first foray into Shakespeare.

After attending Manchester Metropolitan University for a combined degree in Drama and creative writing, and aside from her time with Bravo, she has slowly been building up her portfolio of work through theatre, film and web series. One of her recent highlights was as The Queen Of Hearts in a retelling of "Alice in Wonderland".

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