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Emma Morris: Estelle Lorde

Estelle loves gossip but can be mean sometimes and to one person in particular! In time you will come to love her because Emma does as she is playing opposite to herself.

This is Emma's fourth production with Bravo, having previously performed in "Wheeler Fortune", "Twelfth Night" and "Blood Brothers". She really enjoyed working with each cast and crew member.

Emma's ultimate dream is to be a stage and screen actress. From a young age she always wanted to be an actor/singer. In primary school every year she always had the part of playing Mary in the nativity play; this required her to act and sing. Her teachers would come to her mum and say, "she's a good little performer". When Emma went to secondary school, she still carried on performing in plays and musicals. After leaving school, she studied performing arts at Wigan and Leigh college where she had 5 amazing years under the tutelage of some great teachers.

Some of the plays she has starred in include "College of the dead", "Rogues' Gold" and "Shakers". She left college with a distinction and a merit. Since leaving college, she has attended classes at Act Up North and performed a piece of drama for Granada reports which was recorded last year.

November was a busy one for Emma as she also appeared as Mary in "Go, Go, Gabriel", a new rock nativity, the week before Dangerous Sequins of Events.

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