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A graduate of Manchester University with a BA Hons in Performing Arts, Deborah has been involved in various roles on stage; the most recent was as Hecute as part of Liverpool's Shakespeare Season at St. George's Hall. She has also appeared in numerous short films, including "Love.exe" which won the Paul Cannon memorial award and "Positive", made by the London Film School, in a role which challenged and pushed her skills as an actor. Deborah has also branched out into voice over work, recently doing a project on British Language study. She is currently filming "Merseystreet", a TV pilot with Vesbim Media in association with Liverpool Made TV, in the role of 'Cam'.

Since University, Deborah has continued her training by completing her LAMDA Grade 8 in acting, taking further classes including an aerial theatre Vertical wall workshop.

'All That Glitters' is Deborah's first production with Bravo and marks her return to the stage after a busy year of working on a variety of projects.

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