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ABEY BRADBURY: Grand Duchess Anastasia

Abey graduated from the Two Year Repertory Course at Fourth Monkey Theatre Company in 2015. Since then, she has appeared in productions across the North West, including the world premiere of 'The Art' (The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool), 'Cinderella' (The Lamproom Theatre, Barnsley) and as part of the 'Where There's a Will...' Shakespeare Season (St George's Hall, Liverpool), as well as various short films and a pilot episode for Amazon Prime.

Abey is also a director, recently directing the premiere of 'Bleeding With Mother' (Joshua Brooks, Manchester), as well as stage combat enthusiast and a Magician.

Abey is also Artistic Director of Cream-Faced Loons Theatre Company, performing site-specific Shakespeare around Manchester - @theloonstc. This will be her first production with Bravo Theatre Company.

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